Artist Soul Session | Oahu Photographer


Watching another artist at work is always an honor. As artists, when we work we feel exposed, out there, vulnerable. I know when others watch me work, I sometimes want to hide. Which is why I was very excited to watch Dana as she threw some clay. 

I'll be honest. I know nothing about this kind of art. I even had to ask her what she likes to be called. She is a sculptor, who prefers hand building most days. She has made some pretty amazing busts. But today she was on the wheel.

First of all, her workspace is pretty awesome. Amiright?!?!


The natural light flooding through the glass blocks and windows, the garden outside the doors, the beautiful hanging lighting. What a cool space to work.

Dana's favorite part about her art is that, "it gives me an outlet to let all my emotions free and documents the ups and downs of my life. It expresses my thoughts very clearly or very subliminal...I also love that it can give people a way to view their own emotions by looking at my artwork."

Dana says "Art doesn't always have to be happy, or perfect. Being an artist is hard and sometimes we cant just make a cute sculpture...Sometimes we need to make an angry piece," and I totally get that. Sometimes I can't just have my clients smile and pose and look happy into the camera. I love working with clients where they are real. Where there heart is. Where there soul is. I could definitely feel Dana's soul while she was working. 

As I continued to watch, I wondered what she might be making. What the final shape may be. As she continued, I realized she didn't know either. I knew she was done the moment she knew she was done. When she declared "This feels done." One second prior to that, it was still a work in progress. Still spinning. Then, in that exact moment, the wheel stopped spinning, and it was complete. 


I thank you, Dana, for inviting me into your workspace, into that place where we artists are so vulnerable, showing me your art and allowing me to document you at work.