From "That's me???" to THAT'S ME!!!" | Oahu, Hawaii Boudoir Photographer

Many times, clients see their images and they say "Is that me?! Really, that's me?!" 

Of course it's her and any outsider would be able to identify her, but for some women there is a disconnect between what they look like and what they THINK they look like. 

This is why I love video! There is a stronger connection to video. It is much easier for her to see her own mannerisms in the video or recall the actual moment we took that shot with video, making a stronger connection. Video is able to bridge the gap between, "that's me???" and "THAT'S ME!!!" which is my favorite moment at a gallery reveal! 

Here's a little video and some images from a recent session. Richelle was amazing for this session. She is absolutely gorgeous and moves so well (as you can see in the video!).    

BTW, this was shot at an AirBNB which is a great option if your home isn't exactly what you want your setting to be. I have quite a few options to shoot at!