Kari & Brad Hawaiian Honeymoon | Oahu, Hawaii Elopement, Honeymoon, Couples Photographer

When I met Kari and Brad in their vacation treehouse, it was like meeting old friends. I was very excited to be shooting their (delayed) honeymoon session on the North Shore of Oahu. They were vacationing and contacted me to capture a portion of their "honeymoon". When a client books a couples session with me, I always ask them their love story. This is it told by Kari: 

"We met during our senior year of high school. We went to different schools but had mutual friends. We first started talking online then eventually I (Kari) decided to see him face to face, I showed up at his school to visit ‘a friend’ and our first face to face encounter lasted maybe all of 5 minutes and he was pulling out of the drive as fast as he could in his beat up, rusted, old silver truck that had been named “the silver bullet”. It’s safe to say he was the shy one. It took weeks of me asking him to do things with me for him to FINALLY agree and show up to something planned. He, along with a couple of our friends came to my house, we just ‘hung out’ like teenagers did. He says that he knew from that day on that he wanted to marry me. I on the other hand knew I loved him shortly after but it took me years before I knew he was the one I wanted to marry (I’ve always been the indecisive one). 

Our first year was like any country, teenage love song; late nights, bonfires, dirt roads, prom, dirt bike tracks (he raced), movie dates, love letters (he would come to my house late at night and leave notes and girl scout cookies in our mailbox for me to find the next morning, its safe to say he was sweet and thoughtful… After a couple years of college, which was a roller coaster for our relationship, we made it. 6 months before he proposed, I knew I wanted to marry him. I’ll never forget it, it was march, cool crisp air, and the moon was the brightest and fullest it had been in years. He got down on one knee in the middle of the dirt drive and of course I cried. 

In the midst of wedding planning we found out we would be expecting our first daughter (thus for this reason we never took a honeymoon after our wedding). We pushed on with our plans, trying weddings dresses on at 16 wks, I had numerous meltdowns during those times. In the end it all worked out. 

12 weeks after our daughter was born we said ‘I do’ in a field at his grandparents farm where he spent countless summers, my grandmother officiated the wedding, his cousin sang, bouquets of sunflowers and wildflowers, sap buckets (both of our families are in the maple sugaring business) and mason jars. And we were surrounded by family and close friends. The rest is history. 

Over the last 5 years we’ve been blessed with 2 more daughters and our hearts (and hands) have never been so full. We’ve been together almost 10 years and over those 10 years we have only ever taken one trip alone and that was the summer we graduated from high school. This vacation is long overdo for us."