Floral Bathtub & Shower Boudoir

It's no secret that I LOVE black and white images. In fact, I often edit sessions in both black and white and color. I love that black and white gives a sense of freezing time. It creates a mood that must be listened to. It takes away the distraction of color and makes you feel what is happening in the image.

I edited quite a bit of this beautiful session in black and white. I love the color from the floral around the bathtub and the tropical feel it gives, and I adore the black and white from the shower. When Andrea contacted me to do this session, I was super excited. I had been looking for someone to do a shower session and she just happened to have a beautiful tub and a great idea. When she sent me a picture of shower and tub, I was sooooooo in. This session turned out amazing! Thank you for letting me capture your beauty Andrea!

Cheyenne DeanComment