Women Are Amazing | Oahu, Hawaii Boudoir Photographer

I wont bore you with the backstory, but long story short, mansplaining brought a bunch of badass women together to create an amazing session. Five of us women were shooting, directing, posing, assisting, and holding curtains in perfect harmony! Truly community over competition! 

I have built my business based on empowering women, so for an event like this to bring us together. So this was just the perfect day for me. Empowering each other. Rooting for each other. Gassing each other up. Just Perfect.

Women are amazing and we are even more amazing when we work together. I challenge you today to lift up another woman in some way. Tell her she looks beautiful. Tell her she’s a good mom. Send her flowers. Take her out to dinner. Do something amazing for another woman today. We’re all in this together.