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I am Cheyenne and I am a photographer specializing in boudoir and portraits. I am located in Honolulu, Hawaii and available for travel. 

Lets get real... right here, right now. I have been living with insecurity about my body for years. Haven't most of us? I mean, I have never had a woman come in for a session who was 100% confident in her body. NEVER. There has always been something that she wanted to hide, or exaggerate, or something she just wishes was a little bit different, a little more like it used to be, maybe a little more like someone else. I have had those thoughts myself. But that needs to change. We need to love ourselves more and we need to inspire other women to do the same.

That’s how I came to LOVE boudoir. I love helping a woman transform in front of my lens from a shy woman tugging at her lingerie trying to hide parts of her body to a confident babe asking if we can do some fully nude shots at the end of the session. Of course, not every session is that drastic of a change, but my goal is that every woman leave her session loving herself and her body a little bit more than when she came in. If I have accomplished that and provided her beautiful images, I can hold my head a little higher.

What to change your body-image? Want to celebrate your body? Want to capture who you truly are? Send me a message and lets chat!

Couples Boudoir also available!

Check out the video below to see what a complete luxury boudoir experience is like!



What is a session like?

The day of your session, me and my team meet you at our shooting location. My on-location Hair and Makeup artist will pamper you while we plan you outfits for the session. You have your pick from my studio wardrobe and I will help you select outfits that will look amazing on your body. Once we begin your session, I will direct you from head to toe, so you never have to worry about posing and you know you will look beautiful. My goal is always that you leave your session with confidence and loving yourself a little more than you did when you came in: Strong. Empowered. Beautiful. 

What do I wear?

You should have at least 2 outfits.  I always recommend something sexy (like lingerie), something cute and comfortable(like a sweater and boy shorts), and something different (like a crop top and high-waisted booty shorts or a body suit). Check out my suggestions here:

Do I have to get nude?

Nope. You totally don't have to. Do I recommend it? Absolutely! Getting out of your comfort-zone, and your clothes, and truly capturing your beauty will be something you are so happy you did. 

What products do you offer and what is your pricing?

Check out my products and pricing below!

Luxury Products

Sample Products-11.jpg


20 Images printed on velvety, yet durable pages. Includes 10 spreads/20 pages, upgrades available.  

Image Box

Includes all images from your session in 4x6 or 5x7 size, ready to frame or keep in the gorgeous box.

Retro Viewfinder

Just like you had when you were a kid, but with a sexy twist. 7 images printed on the dial. A perfect secret surprise for your lover.

Sample Products-7.jpg
Sample Products-6.jpg



collection 1

2 Hour Session Time

Professional On-Location Hair & Make Up

5x7 Image Box    or    8" album

Retro Viewfinder

Complete Set of 30+ Digital Images


collection 2

1.5 Hour Session Time

Professional On-Location Hair & Make Up

4x6 Image Box    or    6" album

15 Digital Images


collection 3

1 Hour Session Time

Professional On-Location Hair & Make Up

10 Digital Images


Add a video to any session for $400!