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The Couples boudoir Experience & Investment


The Experience

The couples boudoir experience at Cheyenne Rose Photography is designed to showcase your love and attraction to each other.

Your boudoir session will be designed especially for the two of you. We will plan your session style, outfits, how steamy you want to get and everything else before your session. That way you and your partner can focus purely on your love for each other.



What is a session like?

The day of your session, me and my team meet you at our shooting location. My on-location Hair and Makeup artist will pamper you while we pick your outfits for the session. You have your pick from my studio wardrobe and I will help you select outfits that will look amazing on your body. Once we begin your session, I will direct you two from head to toe, so you never have to worry about posing and you know you will look beautiful and in love. 

When do I get to see my images?

A week after your session, we get together again to celebrate your session and view your images. You get to see your images professionally retouched and ready for print. You will get to see samples of all the products and select the ones that you love. After your products are printed, they will be delivered directly to you! 

What do I wear?

You should both have at least 2 outfits.  I always recommend something sexy (like lingerie and underwear), something cute and comfortable(like a sweater and boy shorts or jeans), and something different (like a crop top and high-waisted booty shorts or a body suit, or just nude!). Check out my suggestions here:

How naked can we get? How “far” can we go?

We will talk more about this one-on-one. Generally as long as bottoms stay on, you’re good to go! You can be sweet and cuddle on the sofa with mugs of coffee, you can be sexy with hair pulling and kissing, or anywhere in between.

What products do you offer and what is your pricing?

Check out my products and investment guide below

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! Payment plans work like this... We plan your session an you pay the session retainer. Then, you have you session and ordering appointment. At the ordering appointment you select your products and make a down payment of at least 20% of your total sale. Then you will receive a reoccurring invoice for the remaining balance. We make the payments work for you, but typically payment plants are complete after 6 months. Once the payments are completed, I order and ship your products. Another option is through PayPal credit. They offer no interest for 6 months. Then you get the money in your account right away to pay for your products and get your prints right away and pay PayPal later. 



Luxury Products


Sample Products-8.jpg

Luxury Products

I pride myself on finding the most luxurious, best quality print products available. It is so important to me that my clients have physical print, album, or wall portrait because makes it REAL and means you will be more likely to look at and enjoy at your images. It means the boudoir experience stays with you a lot longer. It means that transformation you had in front of my lens is lasting. It means when you're having a rough day, you can look at your images and remember that love you two share! Check out a few of my favorite products below. 

Sample Products-11.jpg


Images printed on velvety, yet durable pages. Includes 10 spreads/20 pages, upgrades available. 



Image Box

Includes 10 images from your session mounted on styrene in 5x7 or 8x10 size, ready to frame or keep in the gorgeous box.



Retro Viewfinder

Just like you had when you were a kid, but with a sexy twist. 7 images printed on the dial. A perfect secret surprise for your lover. Extra reels available


Ready to invest in yourself? Well let me tell you, you are worth it and you deserve it. I try to keep my pricing very simple. I want you to get EXACTLY what you love. Nothing more, nothing less. So you and I will build your collection to include the image products you love.

First you start with the session fee. The session fee includes:

-professional hair and make up for 1 client (add on a second hair and make up client for $150)

-wardrobe styling assistance

-a two hour photography session

-professional editing of images of 30+ images

-Image Reveal where you will decide which products or package you would like to purchase! 


Session Fee: $300

Next you select your favorite products at the image reveal:


Albums with 50+ cover options and filled with your gorgeous full color and/or black and white images :

8" album --- $995

10" album --- $1195

12" album --- $1395

Digital collection for archiving. All digital images come with a photo app, so you can view your images right on your phone any time you want:

10 Images --- $1000

20 Images --- $1600

Full Gallery --- $1800

Add ons:

Retro Viewfinder --- $365

5x7 Image Box --- $795

8x10 Image Box --- $995

16x24 Metal Wall Portrait --- $875

24x36 Metal Wall Portrait --- $1175

30x40 Metal Wall Portrait --- $1475

***Bonus: When you purchase an album plus a digital collection, you'll receive an add on at half price! 


*All Experiences and Products are available for a payment plan.

Sample Products-6.jpg